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To give a perfect touch to your original images, the experts of the pixel picture solution blends two or more images in an attractive manner. Make the best impression on the customers by availing our outsourcing image blending services as we are among the top providers of the HDR blending editing. The best blend of interior and exterior is nowhere to grab. Following expertise one can utilise with us:

Image angle bracket:

Come out with a single perfect image rather than multiple resolution images.

Color correction:

Get the rich scenario by special attention to color schemes and great color contrast.

Adjust Brightness / contrast:

Our experts can balance the required lighting for your images.

Window Detail:

We enhance your shots and work in detail to provide the top quality image.

Ghosting correction:

Remove the blurred element in the image and set the accurate, clear, and presentable image.

Image stitching:

We stitch different exposures and scenes to make one perfect picture.

Perspective correction:

Adjust the view of the overall structure by setting grid aspect lining.

Why choose pixel picture solutions?

  • Our professional members are experienced enough to handle personal as well as specialized requirements of the real estate professionals.
  • With an immaculate image, we are serving people for many years and able to furnish quick project turnaround and delivery within 24 hours to meet the clients time essence requirements.
  • You can directly contact our team leader to track the project status or any further clarification and also for updates.
  • During the upload and download session, we maintain the proper confidentiality and high-level security by ensuring secure FTP access and generating unique ID code. Moreover, we use convenient and compliance software to deliver the best results.
  • We follow the iterative approach for our works and include a multi-tier check to ensure that our clients are getting the desired results or not. All we do is for the clients’ satisfaction and delivering the quality projects.
  • The PPS allows the requestors to avail a free trial period so that the clients get the complete surety of their work done as per the guidelines and set parameters without any further worries.

Why Choose Us?

Free Trial

We provide free sample for you too experience our services. What are you waiting for? Send your Photos/Images to us and enjoy satisfactory services. Mail usinfo@pixelpicturesolutions.com / support@pixelpicturesolutions.com/ pixelpicturesolution@gmail.com

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